Eventum Concierge is a personal concierge service known for its superb performance of duties provided for the most demanding customers.
  • Individual clients

    Get the best choice for individual clients, whatever customers want or need.

    Effortless luxury. Discover how our simple philosophy offers you the best in the field of high-end personal services. We are very familiar with the needs of our customers.

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  • Corporate clients

    Specific concierge services customized for companies of all sizes.

    The needs of the corporate customer are quite different. We will support your business as a most trustworthy business partner and will provide a strong base in the Czech Republic.

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  • Concierge Services

    Each service is made with our clients' personal preferences in mind.

    We develop a close working relationship with our clients, allowing us to tailor the service to suit their personal tastes and preferences. This section gives a short overview.

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  • Contact us

    Contact us to find out how we can make your life easier.

    Founded in 2010 with a small business plan but a big vision, we stand unrivalled in the segment of high-end concierge services in Prague and the Czech Republic.

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